Kosmetikq™Auto rotating hair curler,cordless hair curler,best Curling Wand for thick hair

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Protable cordless hair curler,Automatic Curling Iron, Hair Curling Wand Ceramic 360° auto rotating hair curler

beauty tool-Intelligent hair curler :
Create beautiful hair curler or wave anytime and anywhere, cordless hair curler has automatic reverse function, avoid any hair winding problem, easy to use, without any skills can replace the traditional hair curler.

Safe and efficient:
Cordless automatic curler, equipped with curling room. The hair curling room is equipped with safe and
non-toxic insulating material, which can protect your skin and eyes from burns when you use it. With the rapid heating of PI
film, improve efficiency and finish the perfect hairstyle in a few minutes.

LCD display:
Display all settings of heating, timer, battery power and curl direction. And it can also be used as a mobile power
supply, so that you no longer worry about the lack of power on your phone.

Intelligent heating control:
The automatic curler has 3 adjustable heat settings in the range of 300 ° F-390 ° F (150 °C-200 °C);
coiling time 12s, 14s, 16S, 18S; coiling direction (left and right) meets all your requirements for curling style.

Protable cordless hair curler suitable for travel:
Space saving, easy to carry, wireless, global universal, convenient for international holidays, you can

easily carry it anywhere. Turn off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Charge Voltage : DC 5V

Material: ABS 

Battery capacity: 3.7V-5000 mA

Temperature: 150℃-160℃-170℃-180℃-190℃-200℃

Usability time: 60 Min

USB charging line

Package included:
1x C
ordless hair curler Host

1x Cable
1x User manual
2x Clip
1x Tool
1x Bag

Kosmetikq™Auto rotating hair curler,cordless hair curler,best Curling Wand for thick hair Kosmetikq™Auto rotating hair curler,cordless hair curler,best Curling Wand for thick hair

Recent Reviews ( 17 )
Super fast! And the auto rotating hair curler really works fantastic quite astonishes about it because I was first sceptical, worried that my hair look between would come, I have namely wavy and especially thick hair! But this hair curling really good! Normally burned I always my fingers, now no more;). Came with nice pouch to in to store, a comb and 2 hair klipjes!best Curling Wand for thick hair
Perfect hair curling exactly as described, gorgeous curls in my long hair, fast delivery, I love this auto rotating hair curler, good seller
I have never been good with curling wands or curling irons… was never able to achieve consistency with the curls. But this is a game changer! I freaking love this Automatic Curling Iron!!!!! I have somewhat fine hair, so I use this cordless hair curler for 6 seconds on the lowest heat setting and it works wonders. And it’s cordless hair curler! Are you kidding me!??, most of the time I use it on the car while my husband is driving. If I want my curls to last for more than some days I use a little bit of hair spray.
Love this Automatic Curling Iron. this cordless hair curler is easy to use and good for on the go.
I've been looking at this Automatic Curling Iron for a while now, and wish I hadn't waited so long! I didn't want to spend the $100, so I bought it on sale. Honestly, I would spend $200 on this cordless hair curler! this Automatic Curling Iron is SO easy to use. I've used it to get ready while having drinks outside with my husband, in the car on the way to events, I don't even need a mirror! I can create tight curls when I want them, or loose beachy curls as well. I use this almost EVERY day! I will NEVER use a curling iron again! These curls stay all day,best Curling Wand for thick hair
I love this Automatic Curling Iron....on my 2nd one, trust the name, the cordless hair curler works perfect...best Curling Wand for thick hair.no the battery doesn't last two hours ...in the real world they never do, which doesn't bother me...that is the nature of the beast with anything cordless...I still love this Automatic Curling Iron!
I was struggling to curl my hair and burn hands . now I’m very satisfied with this hair curling iron. Love it and it’s under budget than known brand. Easy and safe to use.... I curled my medium length hair like 15 minutes..... And it’s cordless hair curling,so I can use it anywhere. Great product to buy.
It's great for auto rotating hair curler, fully charged enough to curl my short thin hair!! The curls were nice, charge quickly.it's Protable cordless hair curler. I love it, let my hairs elegant and beautiful.
I love this hair curler. It makes styling hair super easy and fast. Since there's no cord you can curl your hair on the run. Highly recommend,i think this is best curling wand for hair.
auto rotating hair curler is great, checks is also with thick hair. Recommend,best Curling Wand for thick hair
¡Este enrollador inalámbrico es super práctico y fácil de usar!Mi querido frizzador
Loved this cordless automatic hair curler with complete package accessories, I bought one curler for my daughter and me. We both have long heavy hairs, use the hair card and hair clip, curler hairs will not jam, help me much, super suit beginner use.
My little daughter received this Automatic Curling Iron as a birthday present. In the past when she wanted to have her hair curling, I would have to do it and I still use the old fashioned curling iron. We tested on my hair and after figuring it out and showing her, she is able to curl her hair herself! She did it one morning before school and it only took her 15 minutes to do her whole head. Curls even lasted through soccer practice! Great Automatic Curling Iron and highly recommend! Only negative was when we initially tried it on my hair, even though we charged it over night, the charge did not last very long .charge about 25 minutes.
I love it!!.. auto rotating hair curler,,, it does take a bit of practice and i also watched a couple YouTube videos just to see if I was doing it right because my hair did tangle a few times, (my fault for not reading the instructions first, i am usually a visual learner). Once i got the hang of it it worked like a charm, curls are tight and beautiful. Its nice that it is wireless, i can multitask, move around the house while doing my hair. And no finger burns or forehead burns. Totally worth it.
this cordless hair curler really does curl your hair well. best Curling Wand for thick hair,Make sure you follow instructions because if you don’t you could get your hair tangled inside. As long as you follow the instructions you’ll be fine. It takes small strands of hair, I wish it would be larger strands but I’m not going to be too picky since it does curl quickly.
Good looks auto rotating hair curler, makes beautiful curls, easy to use and very fast delivered in 13 days time.like this hair curling
Absolutely amazing little hair curling. I'm useless at curling my hair as I have arthritis and find it difficult to twirl and twist my hands and wrists to make nice curls, this hair curling is amazing, it just pulls the hair in gently and curls it, I love it as I chose shipping from the UK and I am in the UK I expected it to be quicker, it wasn't, and it would have worked out cheaper to have it shipped from China Apart from that it's fabulous