Kosmetikq™Mini IPL Hair Removal Body hair removal at home,Permanent Hair Removal

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-2 in 1 fucntion: Skin rejuvenation function & IPL hair removal fucntion

-999,999 flash high quality quartz flashes for a long service life
-IPL laser Technology , achieving permanent hair removal
-LCD Status Display, more reliable and ture. You can check the rest pluse amount obviously
IPL Hair Removal System is based on thermal damage theory,intense flash light penetrates into dermis and is absorbed by melanin in hair follicle, producing photothermal effect, conducting the energy from hair section to hair root, rising the temperature of melanin rapidly and decomposing it. Thus hair re-growth is stopped permanent hair removal and 
Skin rejuvenation.

-The compact, handheld tool uses intense pulsed light technology to safely and efficiently target hairs right at the root-quickly removing them and helping to prevent regrowth.
-With 5 setting level , including a simple-to-use ‘flash and glide’ mode. suitable different people. Can be chossed the level according to your skin & hair color
irradiate area of light and 3 seconds irradiate speed help you finish the hair removal in a short time
- Ideal for full body hair removal, including arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest
-Perfect for sensitive areas without painlessness. It can remove lip hair, armpit hair, arms, legs forehead hairline & bikini hair
-Temperature protective system. When working temperature is higher than its protective temperature, the device will stop working to send flash
-First use fortnightly to enjoy silky, fuzz-free skin every day and to prevent future hair regrowth.Then simply repeat the process every four or six weeks, any hair will gradually become finer with less and less hair regrowth.It’s the u ltimate at-home solution for beautifully-smooth results, without the need for expensive or painful in-salon treatments.

Course of treatment and effective time
- Using it twice a week for the 1st & 2nd week
- Using it once a week for the 3rd & 4th week
- Using it once every 2 weeks for the 5th & 8th week
- Consolidate it once every 1 to 3 months after 8th week
(Attention: the laser is the treatment of hair roots, it takes time to see the effects)

Kosmetikq™Mini IPL Hair Removal Body hair removal at home,Permanent Hair Removal Mini IPL Hair Removal Body hair removal at home,Permanent Hair Removal

Kosmetikq™Mini IPL Hair Removal Body hair removal at home,Permanent Hair Removal Mini IPL Hair Removal Body hair removal at home,Permanent Hair Removal

Kosmetikq™Mini IPL Hair Removal Body hair removal at home,Permanent Hair Removal Mini IPL Hair Removal Body hair removal at home,Permanent Hair Removal

Product Name: IPL hair removal
Lamp Lifespan: 999,999 pulses
Light source: Quartz bulb
Material: High quality quartz tube +ABS shell
Wavelength: 600--900nm
Levels of light: 5 light energy levels
Input Power: 36W
Plug: US / EU plug
Power adapter:Input:AC 110-240V~50/60Hz
Operating Enviroment:

-Humidity: 30

Package Included:
1x IPL Hair remover(main body)
1x Adapter
1x English user manual

1.Pleaseallow0.5-1cm differences due to manual measurement.
2.Due to the light and screen difference,the item's color maybe slightly different

   from the pictures.

Recent Reviews ( 36 )
I am so obsessed with this laser hair removal! 6 weeks in lockdown and my skin has never been this smooth ever!! I have been telling everyone because I still can't get over my results!!
I don’t leave many product reviews, but I wanted to honestly say that this permanent hair removal REALLY WORKS! My problem areas involve those pesky hairs on my upper lip and chin, and I’ve tried waxing, tweezing, and shaving, but tend to get painful ingrown hairs. Ive been using the permanent hair removal about 6 weeks and I’ve noticed most of the bristly hairs are not growing back. What is even more remarkable is that I am fair-skinned, and most of these hairs are light-colored. I use the device about every third day, and I go over each area twice. I definitely recommend this permanent hair removal. Just be sure to give it enough time to see the results.
I bought this IPL Hair Removal hoping it would save me thousands of dollars.. My first impression is the small rubber band snapping feeling made me feel it is working. This IPL Hair Removal gave me minimal redness and the shock of that feeling lasted for seconds. I just did a test patch on my chin, as that is the primary area I want to use it for, and I seem to have no bad effects. Will be moving forward with trying with the rest of my face.According to the instructions, to see effect it should be about 8 weeks,hope permanent hair removal.
The ipl hair removal are great! They are just as good as Venus blades and for a much better price.
Ich bezweifle, dass das funktioniert, aber ich finde, ich sollte es versuchen, denn ich hasse rasieren.Ich mache das jetzt seit sechs wochen, einmal pro woche auf dem arm, beim bein und am bikini.Ich kann nur mit wowjobs reden.Normalerweise wuchsen sie schon am nächsten morgen, nachdem ich mich rasiert hatte.Aber jetzt, nach 5 tagen rasieren, kann ich mein haar nicht mehr sehen Oder fühlen, und wenn es wieder ganz flach wird!Wenn ich das nächste mal in der woche eine behandlung mache, kratze ich mich kaum.Unter meiner achselhöhle dauert es länger, ich kann mir aber vorstellen, dass wir das länger mit größeren haaren machen.Ich mag diesen laser-enthaarer und kann es sehr empfehlen.
GOOD,Easy to using,The only reason I bought this permanent hair removal is because of the reviews...So I bought this permanent hair removal and I've been using this permanent hair removal for about a month now and I was amazed.It works so well! Includes two pictures.The first one was taken when I started shaving and the second one was taken today
Hello summer! I had no idea what to expect, but I am loving this little gadget. Definitely worth the money (which is a steal compared to going to a spa).I used this hair removal 4 weeks,let my Skin rejuvenation
W zeszłym tygodniu zastosowałam tę laserową depilację rąk i nóg. Moje włosy na ciele do tej pory nie odrosły. I to nie jest bolesne. Całkiem fajnie, trwałe usuwanie owłosienia jest świetne
This is my first time doing IPL hair removal at home or otherwise so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but so far so good. I was worried about irritation so I only did inconspicuous spots like my under arms and I had zero irritation or redness. Actually made it more difficult because I couldn’t tell if I was missing any spots! After just a few weeks of using it regularly and at the highest level I’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of hair I have. Is it gone? Not totally....yet. I’m only a few weeks in, but I’m confident this will be a long term solution!
The appearance of this body hair removal is very beautiful, the material and appearance are good, this IPL hair removal is worth to buy, he can depilate the whole body hair removal, logistics is also very fast, 15 days to receive
Ich bin zufrieden mit dem kaufe.Ich hab mir eine laser enthaarung gekauft, weil ich extra papierkram brauche und ich habeIch habe die leitung befolgt und schon in der ersten woche war mein ergebnis erkennbar.Diese laser enthaarung ist leicht zu halten und sehr ruhig.Ich würde diese laser enthaarung empfehlen
Great and easy to use! I previously bought other laser hair removal products that were wayyy more expensive and not so easy to use. This is very easy to use! The directions are clear and easy to follow. this Body hair removal includes everything you need. I've already noticed a difference in hair growth or lack there of. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to hair removal that ACTUALLY WORKS, I highly recommend this Body hair removal! Will be following up with more updates as I continue to use this Body hair removal!hope my Skin rejuvenation
I very like this IPL hair removal device.this premanent hair removal is very easy to use and doesn't hurt at all! There are multiple settings to increase the intensity of the laser but you can start out light and work your way up. This is definitely worth the money and saves you from spending thousands at a spa or medical center. I wish I purchased this body hair removal before. You will not be disappointed!
My skin is quite white and my hair is very long. I have been looking for a suitable body hair removal, and I chose this kosmetikq IPL hair removal after comparing many models. After receiving it, it did not disappoint me, and I tried it on the same day, and the effect was good.
my daughter can already see a difference after using this a few times. Great product and beautiful packaging! I love that it comes with 1 pairs of glasses for the bright flash. this permanent hair removal works great.
Ich bin verliebt in die Kompaktheit dieser Laser-Haarentfernung. Erste Behandlung heute beendet !! Kam auch mit Sonnenbrille und Rasiermesser. Zeit, den Alten wegzuwerfen.
Ich habe dies meiner Frau geschenkt und sie ist glücklich, da sie jetzt nicht in Schönheitsläden gehen muss, um IPL-Haare zu entfernen :) Das macht mich glücklich :) sie Hautverjüngung Verwenden Sie dies zum ersten Mal und es ist einfach zu bedienen. Wir können es jederzeit zu Hause verwenden. Startete es mit einer kleinen Kraft und wird es erhöhen. Diese Laser-Haarentfernung ist 5 Sterne wert.
Este láser haarentfernung recibió aproximadamente 2 meses, puede ver el siguiente efecto de figura, esta operación de láser haarentfernung es muy simple, de usos múltiples, algunas veces el vello puede ser la depilación permanente.