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IPL Laser hair removal system featuring a compact design that is perfect for use in your home.

You are worried about wasteful hair! : Isn't the wrong hair removed using hair removal cream / shaver / Brazilian wax? With the conventional hair removal method, it contains chemical components and is prone to allergies! It causes pain and a lot of damage to the skin! To solve this problem, an IPL hair removal device that allows you to easily remove hair at home will be introduced! What is IPL: IPL is an abbreviation for "Intense Pulse Light", which is the light emitted by a xenon lamp for a very short time. IPL hair removal is also called flash hair removal because it irradiates light like a camera flash. The light used for IPL hair removal is characterized by the fact that harmful ultraviolet rays are cut off and the wavelength range is wide. Mechanism of IPL laser hair removal: The light of IPL laser hair removal has the property of acting on the melanin (black part) of the hair, and when irradiated, it can give heat to the black hair follicles, hair roots, and the hair papilla underlying them. The protein of the hair root that has been given heat is denatured, and the next hair production does not go well. * IPL hair removal does not show any change immediately after irradiation, but the hair growth is suppressed after that, so the hair gradually decreases. Five emission levels: There are five guidelines for emission levels. The most suitable emission level can be selected depending on the irradiation site. Level 1 is applied to face line hair removal, level 3 is applied to both armpit hair removal, level 4 is applied to leg hair removal, and level 5 is applied to V line hair removal. Automatically detect skin color: Even safer and more secure hair removal is possible. With a safety device that does not emit light unless it is in close contact with the skin! You can prevent misuse of children. * Although it is designed so that it cannot be irradiated unless it is adhered, it may cause blindness if it is irradiated to the eyes, so be sure to check that there are no people or pets around before using it.

Gentle and Painless: The IPL laser hair removal device breaks the cycle of hair regrowth.The result is permanent hair removal and smooth skin.It is very gentle,especially for sensitive areas,such as the bikini line.

Perfect after-sales service: Your satisfaction is our purpose.Contact us immediately if you aren’t satisfied with our products, we will reply you within 48 hours to solve your problem in time.2 years warranty, life-long maintenance.

How does IPL laser hair removal work? 

Product Specifications:
Power Supply: AC 100V~240V ~ 50/60Hz
Flashlight: 999,999 flashes
Intensity level: 5 levels
Area spot size: 3CM²

Package Included:
IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine x 1
AC Charger x 1
Razor x 1
IPL goggles x 1
User Manual x 1

Recent Reviews ( 26 )
This is by far the best lPL Laser Hair Removal I have used other than going to ideal image which is extremely expensive. I’m currently using this lPL Laser Hair Removal on my leg for approximately 6 weeks and using as directed. I noticed an immediate slow in growth of my hair. As a woman having hair on my leg is horrible and very hard to maintain. I did not have the regular whiskers, I’m so happy to have found this lPL Laser Hair Removal and feel a whole lot more confident about myself. I strongly recommend this lPL Laser Hair Removal!!!
This lPL Laser Hair Removal is high quality and works extremely well. I have used other hair removal products in the past, and this lPL Laser Hair Removal is by far the best I've ever used. It delivers long lasting results and is so easy to use. I highly recommend this lPL Laser Hair Removal!
I have received this Bikini hair removal for 2 months. I tried to evaluate the effect. I like this Bikini hair removal very much. this Bikini hair removal makes me no longer feel embarrassed in front of my boyfriend because it’s a lot of hair.
I bought this Bikini hair removal a few months ago and wanted to see if it actually worked before reviewing. It’s easy to use, feels good in the hand...and most importantly it does remove the hair! I had laser hair removal on my legs years ago, but about 10% of the hair remained. I bought this Bikini hair removal to get rid of the last hairs and and very happy with the result. You have to use it several times, every other week...so don’t give up too soon.
This is by far the best lPL Laser Hair Removal I have used other than going to ideal image which is extremely expensive. I’m currently using this Body hair removal on my chin for approximately 2wks and using as directed. I noticed an immediate slow in growth of my hair. As a woman having hair on my chin is horrible and very hard to maintain. I did not have the regular whiskers, I had the thick dark hair that has gotten worst since my second child. I’m so happy to have found this Body hair removal and feel a whole lot more confident about myself. I strongly recommend this Body hair removal
Unwanted bikini hair are gone after one use!! Its amazing Bikini hair removal
Inside this lPL Laser Hair Removal you will find The charger the gun itself it also comes with directions, glasses to protect your eyes, and a one blade razor. The booklet is thick and thorough, easy to understand, No broken English, and straightforward. I like the fact that they give you everything to get started and they tell you what to expect, how it will feel, how often, and how long you should expect to use the lPL Laser Hair Removal. this lPL Laser Hair Removal has got a much larger field for burning off larger portions of hair than many of the others on the market in this price range. I especially like the digital display as it makes it much easier to set your hair color and strength of treatment.
I use to get hair removal professionally done and loved this Bikini hair removal, so i wanted to try this Bikini hair removal, at home because it's not cheap at all and I must say this is a time and money savior..that say not for darker skin buttt.. I’m chocolate and I love this Bikini hair removal.. it does not bother me at all and leaves my skin super soft when hair growth slows down ..it definitely works for me!!! I’ll keep everyone especially the more darker skin tone .posted on the journey since I don’t see many reviews from them
I had laser hair removal years ago... and it always grows back... during the pandemic I decided to give this lPL Laser Hair Removal a try. IT IS GREAT. I have used it for one month and my face hair removal at home is 90% less. It does not work on white hairs. As an added bonus.. I had some dark spots and raised spots on my face.. this Body hair removal also took care of them... although it did not advertise as such... I would buy the laser hair remover again... much less expensive than a salon, easy to use, I did not think it was painful even on the highest setting.
I love the lPL Laser Hair Removal. I just started using and I think that the manual is pretty clear and it’s easy to use. At start, I just think that the ipl hair removal Feels not much string but let’s see ho it goes. There is also a countdown on the display. So it’s great to know how many flashes I have left.
I bought this great Body hair removal !. I chose this Body hair removal because there is auto-mode, the instructions are clear and the Body hair removal is easy to use. I’ve used it just in my armpit area to make sure my skin isn't sensitive to the Body hair removal. I am already noticing the new hair growth is slower, and the hairs are softer. I will revise as I use and expect more results. But it works so far. I really excited to continue use this amazing Body hair removal. The price is very reasonable for the quality.
I'm a transgender female. I absolutely love this lPL Laser Hair Removal .I no longer after a month of use have to shave my cheeks、face hair removal at home and upper lip daily anymore yayyyyy. Highly recommend this Body hair removal。
I was such a skeptic I bought this Bikini hair removal intending to prove it wrong. I have used once 2 weeks, for 2 months now and my god!! this Bikini hair removal works great !!! Step 1- no more ingrowns. Step 2 - hair was thinner. Step 3 - hair is growing slower. I'm completely blown away! If used as instructed, our Bikini hair removal poses no risks to the user. It is 100% safe to use.
Perfectly handheld in size! Pro tip, this lPL Laser Hair Removal needs to be plugged in to function! Came with protective eyewear and a razor to shave the hair down before your treatment. I have black hair and need to use the highest setting. There is no pain, just a warm sensation! I’ll update my review after using for a month or so. So far I am very impressed with the Body hair removal!
this Body hair removal is gift for my wife, I am surprised to see this Body hair removal works on her face after six weeks. face hair removal at home, No hurts.Look forward to see the performance on her arm. It may take some time.
I got this on Aug 31, and for a little case study, only zapped my left side. I have probably used it around 6 times over 3 weeks and then shaved both legs 10 days ago and let it grow to compare, you can see my results so far!!! So far I have about 1/3 the amount of hair. I’ve always used level 5. I don’t find it painful, kind of a warm flick, it does get a little sensitive on my armpits and the back of my knee- so I might turn it down to level 4. It probably takes 5-7 minutes for my one leg, and I use about 200-300 zaps. Totally doable, I think I’ll start doing my right leg. Not ready to stop shaving but I can get away with it less often.
I was quite skeptical this would work but I figured I'd try it out because I HATE shaving. I've now been using it for 6 weeks once a week on my underarms, legs, bikini and face hair removal at home .All I can say is WOW. Normally my hair is growing already the next morning after shaving. But now after I shave I don't see or feel hair coming back for 5 days and when it does its very sparse! By the time I'm doing my next treatment each week there's barely any hair to shave lol. Its taking a little longer for my underarms but I can imagine it lakes longer where the hair is thicker. I LOVE this face hair removal at home,and highly recommend the face hair removal at home.
This is a nicely packaged neat Bikini hair removal.this Bikini hair removal appears to be smaller than some on the market but this doesn't affect it's ability to deal with unwanted hair.We have been using for a few months now on under arms,legs and bikini area and so far are very impressed with the results.It comes with a bonus razor to shave the areas for treatment before use.
I was not sure what to expect but with all the excellent reviews, I was excited. I don’t have the time or want to spend the crazy amount on f money to go to spa or plastic surgery office. I was using an Body hair removal it was better than shaving or waxing but the ingrown hairs were annoying. I have only used it 3x so far and have no growth on my legs and a little growth on my armpits and bikini hair removal. I’m excited to see how long it’s takes for the growth to stop! So far I say this is well worth it. Honestly, it’s already paid for itself after only 3 uses.
I promised myself to use this Body hair removal for a couple of months then come and make a review, however I would like to admit I am horribly terrified by the results after 2 sessions once a week, mind-blowing. thank Kosmetikq, I am expressing my best skin right now, not hairless yet, obviously, but soooo much less hair with tremendously slow growth almost all the parts of my body. I extremely recommend this face hair removal at home