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Two Different Versions of Kosmetikq Set

  • Tuesday, 27 July 2021
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Two Different Versions of Kosmetikq Set

The kosmetikqset is an interesting play, which originated from Greece.kosmetikqset It's a variation of the past popular children's nursery rhyme, "Weep while thy face is white". You'll find that while both lines have a very basic common subject (white), they have two very different verbs in each line. While the first line begins with OE i.e. "To be or become white", the second line begins with OE t.e. "To be or become blue".

So, what is the difference between the first and second lines? Well, the first line starts out by stating that the "weeping woman" went "down hill" and consequently forgot to take her tea.kosmetikqset kosmetikqset In the next few stanza we find that the girl has now turned into a kosmetikq, which is an ancient Greek word for a blind person. We also see that the tea has been long forgotten and that the girl is sitting beside a rock. This is where the differences between the two lines become apparent.

For the first and only line of the first stanza the words are quite different.kosmetikqset kosmetikqset Whereas the second line tells us that the kosmetikq has become blind due to forgetting the tea, it now refers to her state of ignorance. The first stanza then continues with the couple looking at the ocean and seeing the sun setting behind the mountain. Now, whereas the second line uses the imperative KOSMETIKQ in order to get the girl to stand still, it uses ELONNO in order to get her to look at the sun.

But here is the problem: when we translate this back into English the first line and the last line are identical, but the order is slightly different.kosmetikqset kosmetikqset This makes the rhyme less obvious. It would appear to be a grammatical error, or an unconscious usage of an inflection which should not be there. In fact the only reasonable interpretation is that the first word should really be ENCOURA and not to have the additional KOSMETIKQ. This can easily be solved by placing the word KOSMETIK in front of the word ENCOURA, but this does not resolve the problem.

The problem becomes much worse when we compare the first and third lines.kosmetikqset kosmetikqset Here, the first line has been changed to say ELONNO instead of KOSMETIKQ, and this change has caused confusion and hangs two meanings in the third line. As regards the first line the words written are: And before she sees the sun, There was a white snake in her ear. Now the correct translation is: Before she sees the sun, there was a white snake in her ear.

However, it is exactly in these two last lines that things get really problematic, for the very first word here, ELONNO, is also the name of a character in Beethoven's "Waldstein" whose death is commemorated by the first movement of his" Moonlight Sonata".kosmetikqset And if we continue with the parallelism between ELONNO and KOSMETIKQ there is a certain inherent difficulty here too. The word KOSMETIKQ appears three times in this early work, whereas the first word of ELONNO, ENCOURA, only appears once, as does the final word of the second line: And before she sees the sun. And if we keep this comparison going, then it becomes clear that ELONNO and KOSMETIKQ set quite a contrast with each other, as the former is a vision of beauty, whereas the latter is a vision of weakness. But the two terms do not necessarily have to mean the same thing.

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